enable data union code is licensed under the Polyform Noncommercial License 1.0.0. Please see this blog post on the Education Analytics blog for more information about this license and why we chose it.

In short, the Polyform Non-Commercial license:

  • Allows use of the software by education agencies or other non-profit organizations

  • Allows use of the software by anyone for noncommercial purposes

In contrast to some other licenses, the Polyform Non-Commercial license is clear that government agencies and non-profit organizations are not restricted in what they can do with the code. For a school district or state education agency, some examples of uses this would allow could be: using and installing the code on your own, incorporating the code into other software, modifying the code, hiring someone to install and implement the code for you, or hosting the code for other agencies.

If you are interested in using edu for commercial purposes, please contact us at